Friday, March 30, 2012

Career Day

The kids' had career day at school today!

They got to dress up in career clothes, which they loved!

I was a slacker mom, and didn't make them/put together any cute outfits for them, so they scrounged around this morning for whatever.

Grace went with cheerleader.

Adam went with Deseret Industries Job Coach.

They had an ambulance, fire truck, crane, and police cars outside.  Inside, there were CPAs, veterinarians, hairdressers, doctors, and a ton more... they each rotated through one of four groups, and didn't cross-over, so I know that they had to have had a ton of parent volunteers down there, teaching about their careers.  It was super cool!

They both got to learn about some fun careers.  Grace decided she either wants to be a teacher or a pony rider.  Adam is still pretty dead set on being an "airplane inventor during the day, and a Crime Scene Investigator at night."

He is going to be a busy guy someday.


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