Friday, March 23, 2012


Adam and Grace's school had a family "book-nic" during the school book fair this week.  The idea was to grab a book, and read it during a picnic lunch with the family.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather with some of Adam's friends and ate our lunch with him (I LOVE that he still thinks that we are cool enough to come to these things), and we were about to head inside to check out the book fair when...

... Adam put his hand down next to him in the grass, right on top of a bee.  He received his first-ever bee sting, on the palm of his hand.  Ouch!

It wasn't exactly the most perfect way to end a fun picnic, but he was fine after a few minutes.

Grace loved getting a look at what it was like to eat lunch at school (she is sooo excited to get to do that next year), and we all had a great time eating lunch with our Adam!

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