Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference + April Fool's!

Conference this year, was kind of 'meh' for us.

Not that the talks weren't good.

The ones I saw were excellent.

It's just that I only saw the talks from one session.

We don't have cable or a converter box, so no TV for us.  We also have the world's slowest internet connection, and I did not want to bring the kids down to the church by myself, so we missed Saturday's conference.

Mike had to work super late Saturday night, so he missed Priesthood session.

Sunday, it came in pretty good on the internet, so we stayed home to watch.  The morning session was wonderful.  However, after lunch when we turned on the afternoon conference, the kids fought the entire time, and it made me grumpy, which made Mike grumpy, which led to us not really getting to watch conference.

The cinnamon rolls were yummy, though.

I feel really guilty about letting contention enter our home, and ruin conference.  I hate that I gave in and got grumpy, too.

But, we've been listening to one conference talk a day, so we will slowly get caught up.

On a happier note, we pranked the kids twice for April Fool's Day before all of the grumpiness began.

Once with telling them that spring break was cancelled.

And the next with giving them "juice" that they were unable to drink.

It was really jello in juice cups.

And since they never get jello, it was a much appreciated prank.

Much more appreciated than the "no spring break" thang.


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