Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science Night

Adam and Grace's school had a super-fun science night last night.  We all went as a family and had a great time!

An astrological club was there with some major-cool telescopes... the kids saw Jupiter (and it's moons), Mercury, Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Orion Nebula.

 There was a paper airplane flying contest.  Adam looked forward to that for weeks!  He LOVES paper airplanes.  I can't keep our paper stocked quick enough with his love for paper airplanes.  ;)

Inside, parents and teachers had science booths set up, and the science teacher had displayed each grades' projects.  There was a lot of really fun stuff to see and do... which I enjoyed with Grace.  Adam, Josh, Mike and Adam's friends stayed outside most of the time looking at the telescopes and flying paper airplanes.

We had a great night together.  I am so grateful for the wonderful school they go to, and the great teachers and staff there who make fun nights like this possible!

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