Friday, March 2, 2012

Nevada Reading Week

This week the kids celebrated Nevada Reading Week.  Each day, they did a different reading activity at school (or watched a different presentation).

In Grace's class they had green eggs & ham, did a science experiment, saw Cosmo, and watched a demonstration.

Adam got to see a demonstration, see Cosmo, earn some money for memorizing quotes from books, and saw a presentation by a poet.

They ended the week with a pajama day/day of reading.  They had SO much fun getting to wear their pajamas and read ALL day!

Sidenote:  Cosmo is the mascot from the 51s minor baseball team here.  Inside that ugly costume is Grace's kindergarten teacher's husband.  (Did you catch that?)  He's had the job, as a fun side job, since he was 15 and loves it.  That's just too fun.

PS - I feel like I know a celebrity now.



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