Saturday, March 10, 2012

Visit to the Clark County Museum

My cute friend, Danielle, and I took our kids to the Clark County Museum for a picnic and a playdate.  She had told me how cool it was awhile ago, but I kinda forgot about it, until she suggested we go over there.

There is an inside museum part, that has a lot of Nevada's past and fun artifacts.  Outside, there is "Heritage Street", which has restored historical houses that are set in different time periods in the past that can be walked through and explored.

The kids pretty much got to run around like crazy from house to house, while we tried to chase them.

It was great!

It's definitely a place I would like to go back to and actually read the signs/explore a little more.  The kids were having too much fun running around to look at it in too much detail.  Their favorite was the train depot and train.

And, if any of my LV friends are thinking about going, it's $2/adult and $1/child over 3.

So, super-inexpensive, super fun, and as a bonus, they were all completely worn out afterward.


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