Thursday, March 15, 2012

In a Tiny Waiting Room...

I had to take Adam to the doctor today (he wasn't sick, I just had some concerns about his growth).

The doctor ended up being stuck at the hospital, and then took a good amount of time examining Adam, so we were in the tiny room for almost 2 hours.

During the 2 hours in a tiny waiting room, they:

- ripped the "exam table" paper in half 4 times... the first 2 times, I re-covered it with paper.

After that, I gave up.

- colored on coloring pages, the wall, and themselves (and dropped the colored pencils on the ground approximately 3,240 times)

- jumped off the table and stool... over and over again... but what better place to be if you sprain/break an ankle, right?

- sat on the dirty floor, which at one point Josh flat-out licked, and I found I didn't have the strength/patience to care

After all that, Adam has to go to a specialist, to make sure he's growing okay.

Definitely going to do THAT one on a day that Mike can wrangle the other 2 punks.


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