Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patick's Day Fun

The fun started yesterday, when Grace's class was visited by a leprechaun!  He decorated the room in green streamers, left confetti everywhere, and turned over chairs!  After the kids all cleaned it up, they found some gold treats and Lucky Charms.  Her teacher is SO cute!

Last night, they worked with Mike to make the leprechaun trap that they've been planning for weeks.  They took a box, made a green pipe cleaner ladder, that led to a bunch of "gold coins" on top.  Underneath the coins, though, there were holes.  So, once they stepped on a gold coin, they would fall in.

We were SURE we would get one this year but...

... they escaped out of the side.

Luckily, they left us some gold and fun cereal to eat, too.  They also colored the milk and toilet again, like last year.  Little stinkers!

We were supposed to go to an outdoor parade, but our allergies were all so terrible, we were dying.

Instead, we went to the library for a FUN storytime!

They made shamrock sticks and "pots of gold" from paper plates.

Then they took their pots and went for a hunt throughout the library for gold coins.  Too fun!  They LOVED this!

At our traditional Friday movie night tonight, we had a green-themed dinner and added some green minty shamrock shakes for dessert.  Yum!

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