Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allergies Stink!

I've always had allergies, but until we moved to Las Vegas, I didn't understand why allergies made people so darn miserable.

Now I know.

As soon as March hits, my eyes insanely itch and water; my skin itches; my throat swells and itches; I sneeze and cough uncontrollably; and it all triggers asthma attacks.

I pretty much live like a grumpy hermit for a few weeks, while the world looks like this:

Can you see the yellow pollen?

It's everywhere.

Unfortunately, this year, Grace joined me in my miserable allergies, poor thing.

Her staying home from school for a few days while we got her allergies under control, triggered some major separation anxiety when she went back to school.  And that led to a week of her screaming when I brought her to school each day, while her teacher pried her off of me.


It made me hate allergies and pollen even more.

And then it rained.

The pollen was washed away, and slowly we are feeling better.


It's no fun being stuck inside when the weather is soooo nice outside!

(Also a reward chart that promised an ice cream date with Dad, an idea from my sister-in-law, helped us get Grace back to loving school again).

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Grammy Suzzy said...

I am so sorry. When you first started having asthma troubles, you were in first grade. I dreaded every October to April... I am so sorry that Gracie was suffering too. I wondered why she was having such a hard time going to school...Now I see! Never are we more thankful for Las Vegas rain...and another wonderful Wilkins sister in law to help save the day!!!