Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 33rd Birthday, Mike!

Our oven broke last week, and the apartment complex have yet to fix it.

Which put a real damper on the homemade cheesecake that Mike requested for his birthday.

And I forgot to plug in the crock-pot for his favorite "Chalupas" meal.

I was trying to figure out some way to make his birthday special, when I got an email letting me know that Chili's was having a "Kids Eat Free" night on his birthday. And, I already had a gift card there.

I knew he wouldn't want to spend any money for his birthday, but I decided he couldn't say no to free!

So, we surprised him and took him out to dinner at Chili's.

It wasn't exactly how I had pictured his birthday, but we had a really fun time together. Josh even did a lot better at a restaurant than I thought he would.

We love Mike so much! There are way more than 33 reasons; however, the reason today that I love him the most is that he scrubbed the bathtub the other day for me.

Clean bathtubs are the way to my heart.

Happy 33rd Birthday, Mike!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Sounds like a perfect treat!!! And, that smile on sweet Joshy's face tells it all. Oh, and btw...Mike, your stupid mother in law, who doesn't like checks with copies, had only one check left, so I ordered some, and wrote yours out promptly for your birthday gift...and then promptly never took it to the post office!!! So, I will personally deliver it on Saturday, along with my most sincere apologies!!! Glad it was an awesome 33rd anyway, because we ALL know you are more than 33 times awesome!!!