Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gymnastics and Wrestling

My parents did such a wonderful job of letting us explore and develop our talents growing up. I did dance, gymnastics, t-ball, basketball, flute lessons, and journalism camps. I was in choir and band in elementary school, and band in middle school. My mom encouraged us to enter the "fine arts" programs in elementary school, and bake things for the state fair. My brothers and sister, too, had a lot of activities growing up. My parents always encouraged us to try new things, practice, and they went to a LOT of recitals, shows, track meets, concerts and baseball games. I love this so much about them!

I have always wanted the same for my kids. I especially want them each to have at least one athletic activity that they enjoy and one musical talent... and we will support them in anything else they would like to try. It's also important to me to not over-schedule them, too. Family is #1 to us.

The community center was great for a while. It has its limitations, though. One being there wasn't really anything offered for Adam, and Grace's ballet isn't offered in the summer.

At the same time, I've been praying a lot for something to help Adam. He is a really good boy.

However, he is a boy.

Call it what you will, but from everything I observe about him, and everything that I've researched, boys are simply more physical.

Whenever I see a group of boys his age together, they generally wrestle with each other. When he and his friends wrestle, it makes me thing of animals, like dogs, who wrestle and fight as play when they are little.

Adam has a physical need to wrestle.

Unfortunately, he was wrestling his little brother and sister.

As much as I got his need to wrestle (and I do think it's important), I really needed him to learn that there is a time and a place for it.

Driving down a road that I normally don't take a few weeks ago, I saw a sign for a place offering gymnastics and wrestling. I called and talked to them. I went on a tour. I fell in love with the people, coaches, and their mission (it's a non-profit company).

Better yet, they offer a low monthly fee for lower-income families. And I mean, if you've ever looked at how expensive gymnastics and wrestling is, you will know why that, along with everything else, completely sold me on the place.

I got Adam and Grace in wrestling and gymnastics classes at the same time (see, it all worked out so perfect). We've been going there for a few weeks, and it's amazing the difference I see in Adam already.

He's more disciplined. He keeps his hands to himself more. He has toughened up. He's found something athletic that he loves.

It was such an inspired answer for me.

Grace LOVES being in gymnastics, too. She practices everyday, and is getting pretty good at it.

I'm so happy with how it all worked out. It's been perfect. I'm so grateful for this chance that they have to grow, explore new talents, and make new friends.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Such an awesome answer to prayer. And it looks like they really like what they are doing! So great!!! And the best thing is that you make sure family is number one! That is where I feel we let things sometimes get out of kilter, until I worked with a very wise Primary president who taught me. Thank you, Jeanette Nielsen for reminding me of "the prime directive". But, hey, YOU are a Primary President...maybe setting priorities is a blessing of serving!

Danielle said...

Hey when do you want to get together? Monday?