Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evening Walk

We had some time to spare on Tuesday after dinner, so we decided to go on another 3-mile walk.

Even though our car is currently working.

The weather just happens to be really nice today.

There also happens to be a McDonald's about a mile and a half away from our place...

...with 99 cent ice cream cones.

The kids all agreed that they much preferred ice cream cones (cookies in Josh's case) to ketchup and cornflakes.



Grammy Suzzy said...

I remember Adam being so very excited, too. What a super fun idea! And, does that sweet Joshy have red hair??? Maybe I will FINALLY get a red haired grandbaby...and the pressure will be off your sister to marry a guy with red hair.

Danielle said...

I love their ice cream cones, but we are lazy and usually drive. Oh how inspiring you are Allison. When do you want to get together?