Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flat Stanley Visits!

Our family rarely does the "strip" thing. We prefer parks, community activities, and stuff off the tourist path. In fact, most of the time I forget that the famous Las Vegas that is on tv and that some of my high school friends scream on Facebook about going to, is the place that I actually live.

When we have guests, though, we generally go out and do the tourist thing with them.

Including paper guests.

My cute nephew sent Flat Stanley to hang out with us last week. He had been to Hawaii prior to visiting us (lucky guy!).

He spent a day in Adam's 2nd grade class, and the kids loved having him there!

We took him on the Las Vegas strip, to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio, walk around the conservatory, and check out the lights.

By the way, the Bellagio conservatory changes with the seasons. I LOVED "Winter, and "Summer" was okay, but "Spring" is my favorite, so far. Thousands of gorgeous flowers (that smell insanely good). A working carousel. A ferris wheel, balloons, and a butterfly house with hundreds of live butterflies that you could walk through and look at. Adam was so in love amongst all those bugs... he could've stayed there forever.

We took him to the famous Las Vegas sign. It was our first time there, and I totally wish we had thought to take a family photo there when we first moved here, and then another one when we move.

If we move?

He went with us to the wedding, where he totally enjoyed some wedding cake.

We also took him to the Hoover Dam. I had heard that you can walk on the huge bypass bridge that was finished last year, but we hadn't done it. We walked across it with Stanley, and it was really cool. We want to go again soon, because Josh threw a huge fit when we were about 3/4 across it, and we had to turn around. There is a sign about half-way across that shows the line between Nevada and Arizona, and that the two states share the bridge.

We've had so much fun with our visitor! I'm so glad that our nephew let us borrow him for a little while! I loved that we got to do some things that we normally wouldn't have done, too.

Grace most especially loved Stanley and would ask to "play" with him frequently. She was very bummed when we mailed him back.

I may need to find her a playmate that is not made of paper.


Danielle said...

Flat stanely is so cute. I just requested this book to read to Keagan.

Kristi said...

Looks like you guys had fun with him.
Maybe Grace needs some paper dolls to play dress up with. :)