Sunday, May 15, 2011

Helldorado Parade

Every year, Las Vegas locals' celebrate Helldorado Days, a celebration of the anniversary of Las Vegas and its western heritage.

(As far as I know, the word Helldorado has nothing to do with the swear word, and has something to do with the wild west. If this isn't the case, and I've offended anyone, I apologize).

There is a gold treasure hunt, a carnvial, a rodeo, and lots of other fun events to celebrate. We went down for the parade this year, and had so much fun!

The kids loved the floats, bands, and CANDY!

Grace enjoyed waving at EVERYONE and that they all waved back and told her how cute she was.

She is not a humble girl. And when you're 4, that's okay.

At the end there was a great fireworks show... it made me so excited for the Fourth of July!

We had such a fun night! I love finding fun, free, family-oriented stuff to do AND when Mike ends up with a night off to do those fun, free, family-oriented things with us!


Danielle said...

Where was this. I didn't know there was a parade going on. It looks like you had a lot of fun and go Grace for knowing she is a princess even at age 4:>

Kathy said...

All the fun things you find in Las Vegas make me want to move there....almost!

Tiffin said...

So fun! We have a parade here in Buckeye with a similar name. The Hellsapoppin' Parade. The kids love it.

Happy Anniversary to you and Mike!