Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Years

10 years, 9 jobs, 8 years living away from family, 7 (hundred) trips to the ER, 6 years in school, 5 cars, 4 moves, 3 kids, 2 degrees, and 1 sealing for time & all eternity.

He makes me laugh. He drives me crazy. He's the most perfect person for me.

We spent the day celebrating our 10th anniversary as a family. We did our traditional coin-dump ($23 in coins in the jar this year!) and went out to dinner as a family with it, because I'm a chicken and I can't leave my kids.

It was a blast, though!

The past 10 years have been... hard, crazy, fun, and wonderful.

I'm most looking forward to the next 10.

But, I hope that time slows down just a little and the next 10 go by a little slower. Please?

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