Monday, May 16, 2011

Lic-Car Ice Cream

Every week our family holds Family Home Evening (FHE). We do a lesson, song, and dessert on Sunday, and then a family activity on Monday.

It's what works for us.

We all take turns with the various jobs. Mike and I generally choose the lesson topics, with what we think our family needs to learn that week, and we help the kids prepare the lessons when its their turn.

When it comes to dessert, though, we let them choose whatever they want, and we help them make it.

They don't like the usual box of brownies, either.

They get creative.

On Sunday, Adam announced that his dessert was going to consist of vanilla ice cream, topped with licorice pieces and caramel sauce.

He made up the bowls, and proudly announced the name of his dessert was "Lic-car Ice Cream."

It makes sense. "Lic" for licorice. "Car" for caramel.

Except he pronounces "lic-car" like "liquor".

I thought it was funny, until I overheard him telling his friend the next day on our porch, about his "awesome lic-car ice cream" invention, and how she should come over for a bowl.

We (apparently) will not be giving the missionaries any referral business any time soon.

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Danielle said...

You always make me laugh. I just read through your posts and couldn't stop similing. I love you lady and miss you! I love that I am not the only mom that let's kids stay in pjs forever, or go barefoot in the rain. It is nice to know that I am not the only awesome mom out there;) and hey let me know when you find out about awesome free stuff:) you seem to always know. Oh and invade Boone told you today...... You're beautiful!!