Saturday, May 14, 2011


A few months ago, Adam made Miis (sp?) on the Wii of our extended family members.

Last night, after I "exercised" with the Wii Fit, Mike and I were looking at his creations.

My mom, Grammy:

My dad, Papa:

My brother, Uncle Nate:

Not bad.

And then we came across this guy:

Who, upon investigation, is supposed to be Grandpa W*.

Who, incidentally, is not Asian.

Nor does he have a mustache.

We may just need to spend a little more time with the W* side of the family the next time we visit town.



Grammy Suzzy said...

I seem to remember once when I was playing Wii Baseball with Adam that Aunt Cameo had an "interesting" mii...something to do with a mustache, I believe???

Danielle said...

Adam cracks me up:>

Kristi said...

That is awesome! Way better than the mii I made for Dad!

Kathy said...

Maybe it's the "mexican" side of him coming thru....

Heidi said...

Grandpa Wilkins is always sleeping, so maybe he made his Mii sleeping. :)

MP Flory said...

I was told to look at your blog by my sister Tiffany Pierce Downey. She said it's awesome and that you and I think alike and I'd have to agree. You do some really fun things with your kids! I love the 50 pennies idea, the tricky lunch you sent to school and all the outings you do. I may add you to my blog list to check out now and then. Here's mine...
Michelle Flory