Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bad Week/Good Week

Bad Week:

1) This guy had to get stitches. Mucho expensive stitches.

2) On Monday our working car broke down. Giving us 2 dead cars. The battery cables, alternator, and oil sensor all had to be replaced. Even though Mike did the labor himself, the parts were still pretty expensive.

On a positive note, he lost 8 pounds riding his bike to/from work, and to/from AutoZone.

The next time the car breaks down, I think that I should get to be the parts-runner.

3) The vacuum died. Vacuums, too, are expensive.

*If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of emptiness in our savings account...

Good Week:

1) One friend was sealed in the temple this week to her cute hubby. I heart newlyweds. I'm most especially happy for these two.

Grace and Adam were most especially happy that there was wedding cake.

2) Another friend had cute triplets. And they are doing so, so well.

3) Mike's cousin had a baby, and he is so stinkin' cute, and doing well as well.

Looking at all of the cute babies almost made me want another one.

Then I remembered that cute babies grow into siblings who tattle on each other for "stealing oxygen."

Apparently there isn't enough to go around.

The week wasn't all bad.

But, we're definitely crossing our fingers for a much less expensive week in our family.

Congrats to all the happy news for our family/friends!

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