Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Yesterday afternoon, as we drove back from Ethel M's, Adam and Grace asked me to tell them about each of their hospital visits. They LOVE hearing about their stitches, hurt arms, and surgeries.

What's wrong with us?


Anyways, after I finished, I said, "And I am SO happy that Josh has never been hurt! Let's keep it that way."

I should have found a piece of wood to knock on right then, but I didn't.

Last night, while I was making a grocery list at the table, and Grace was taking her bath, Adam and Josh were playing in their bedroom. Adam says that Josh turned off the lights (seriously doubt that... mostly because he can't reach the light switch) , but somehow Josh tripped and fell on the rocking horse.

And got this little gash as a result:

Man, I did NOT want to take him in to the ER (I can think of better things to do with my time and $1000), so we tried to butterfly-bandage it, and regular bandage it, but it was a no-go. It is slightly over his eyelid, and every time he blinked, it would open wide and bleed some more. He was also walking around kind of funny (I think it's because his eye was so swollen and he couldn't see), but I was a little worried about him.

Mike brought him to the ER, where the doctors debated about what to do. Staples? No good. Glue? No good. They decided on dissolving stitches. He got 2.

He did great, other than when he was screaming about being wrapped up.

He hasn't complained about it at all, and the swelling went down a lot. I think that the worst part is that he is still being insanely daring... climbing, jumping, running, and crashing into things. I want him to just sit still so that nothing happens to open his cut.

And he's just so not down with that.


Grammy Suzzy said...

Papa and Grammy are so very sorry your eye got hurt, Joshy! Hope you feel better very very soon! We love you!!!

Danielle said...

I am laughing right now. Not because of Josh, because I absolutely feel horrible for his little self, but your kids and getting bumps is insane. No wonder they are so tough:> I am glad thought that liitle josh is getting better. Oh and I found at that April 30 is when the water is turned on at the parks. We're thinking of going Thursday. You game, while Adam is at school?

Danielle said...

or we could wait and go monday?