Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Day-Long Playdate (Spring Break Day #4)

We don't really reward for good report cards (I mean, the reward is getting a good grade... right?). However, Adam's 1st semester report card back in January was so rockin'.

Straight A's. Glowing notes on his "excellent behavior," "hard work," and "a joy to have in class" from all 3 teachers. Even his handwriting had improved, so we told him that he could have a special activity with one of us, as his reward, and that it could cost a little more than a typical "date" with Mom or Dad does (we usually keep those to under $2 a date).

Anyways, we had been trying to figure out what to do, when Mike was given some $2.99 tickets to The Feast breakfast buffet, and asked Adam if he wanted to go for his reward.

He SO did. He's been wanting to try a Vegas buffet forever. However, he was a little skeptical.

Our conversation:

Adam: I can have anything I want?
Me: Yup.
Adam: As much as I want?
Me: Uh, yeah...
Adam: I can have a whole plate of bacon?
Me: (Gagging inside) Yup... if that's what you want.

And he did.

He and Mike went early that morning and gorged themselves on breakfast food. Adam was in heaven getting to have as much syrup, cinnamon rolls, and BACON as he wanted. They rolled themselves home, where Adam said that he was never going to eat again.

Now, when we get asked "How are the Vegas buffets?" at least Adam can answer:



This afternoon, I had planned on going to the library, running a few errands and playing at the park for the rest of the day. However, my really good friend, Danielle, called and invited us over for a playdate.

After Josh's nap we headed on over, and before we knew it, we realized it was 5:30.

So, they invited us to stay for dinner (Mike was working late).

I can't believe how crazy-fast the day went! I got to talk and talk, and the kids got to play and play, and there was NO fighting! It was SO nice! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

We left at about 8:15, and picked up Mike from work. All 3 fell asleep in the car, tired from a LONG day of playing!

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Danielle said...

I am glad we were able to hang out. That day was seriously so much fun! I love hanging out with you!