Friday, April 15, 2011

Things I LOVE This Week...

... nice weather for playing outside

... Trader Joe's (not only because, hello! it's Trader Joe's, but because my freezer gets filled with the day-old bread they donate to D.I.)

... my third getting in on the Star Wars fighting action

... my un-graceful little Grace who so loves being a ballerina

... the last filled reading chart of the year (holler for not having to keep track of these all month anymore!)

... a boy who collected 12 "Super Day" cards at school and redeemed them for a Mighty Bean (?) that he's been wanting forever

... a girl who has a crazy, new signature photo pose

... when they play restaurant

... his determination to go down the slide over and over again

... and his determination to get himself (and other objects) up the slide over and over again

... free donuts

... a movie night with homemade pizza and Tangled

Fun, fun week! I loved lots of things this week.

But, most of all, I love my family.


Kristi said...

Josh is asking to lose a hand or two with that lightsaber.

Danielle said...

homemade pizza is sounding so good right now. We might have to have some for dinner. :>