Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Man

... he may not help around the house at all.

... he may not put his dirty clothes in the hamper. Ever.

... he may not come remotely close to being romantic.


When our car broke down on Monday, while he was out with Adam and Grace at the library:

... he made it an adventure for the kids, while waiting an hour for a tow truck (and riding back home in the tow truck)

... he rode 6 miles on his bike to the Ford dealership for new brake cables

... he stayed up until midnight on Monday working on the car

... he got up at 5am on Tuesday working on getting the brake cables in, even though he had to work until 9pm that night and needed more sleep

... he rode his bike to and from work on Tuesday when, after finally getting the car started, the oil light came on

... he woke up Wednesday at 5am to put try and figure out why the oil light was coming on

... he rode his bike to and from work again on Wednesday, and then rode his bike to Autozone Wednesday night after work to get a new oil sensor, and stayed up until 2 am trying to get it on

... he woke up at 5 am this morning and rode 6 miles back to the Ford dealership to get the correct oil sensor, after fighting to get it on for hours and realizing there was a small, slight difference

... he worked until 9 am this morning to change the oil, the oil filter, and get the correct sensor placed on, changing schedules with someone so he could come in later

All so that I didn't have to ride 4 hours everyday on a bus with 3 children, to get Adam to and from school.

I love my man.

Edited to add: He also replaced the alternator, after getting the oil light to go off, the battery light came on, and he figured out the alternator was the problem. He rocks.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Just another reason to brag about the son in law I love so very much! Thank you for all you do to take care of Allison and our wonderful grandbabies! Your efforts, lack of sleep, and miles and miles of riding do not go unnoticed! (And, oh, how many times have we had to return to AutoZone or a dealership for a part that...oops...wasn't right!)