Monday, April 4, 2011

Priesthood Session

We had such a wonderful conference weekend! I can't wait to go back and read through the talks.

Conference weekend always has so many fun traditions for our family(conference games, cinnamon rolls, note-taking).

But, my favorite is one I stole from my best friend, Celeste, in high school. (Right, Celeste?)

Mike goes to Priesthood Session on Saturday night and takes careful notes. When he gets home, we have a special treat together and he tells us all about it.

I love it.

I love how Adam and Grace have started paying more attention to what he's saying. I love hearing all about it from Mike's perspective, and the things that stood out to him about our family. I love what a special time it is together.

It's a favorite family tradition that I hope we will continue; and someday I'm going to love hearing all about it from Adam, too.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

That is just awesome! I am so glad you have gleaned so many great traditions in your family from so many wonderful examples! I so wish ours was as wonderful...This year was, well, less that stellar. I can't wait to read that session and find out what was said.