Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Fun (Spring Break Day #5)

We cleaned up the house this morning, and then went over to Ethel M's this afternoon, for a visit with the Easter bunny!

They don't really believe in the Easter bunny, but I thought it would make a cute picture.

Guess how much Josh loves huge, scary bunnies?

He doesn't.

I handed Josh to the bunny, looked down to grab my camera, and looked up to see Josh screaming and sliding out from the bunny's arms.

So, Adam and Grace got a picture instead.

Josh was pretty traumatized. Luckily, Ethel M's always has free chocolate samples on-hand.

He felt better after a little chocolate was in his system.

Tonight, we dyed our Easter eggs!

We had the brilliant idea to let Josh color his with washable markers, thinking we could avert the dyed-hands mess.

We didn't take into account that Josh eats markers. So, he was a mess anyways.

Adam had fun trying different methods of egg-coloring.

And then he went and had himself a little snack.

Josh was a mess already, so I couldn't help but get a chubby-baby-hand-in-blue-dye picture.

And our finished products:

Such a fun tradition!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

What beautiful eggs...and what a beautiful grandson!...though, I notice there was truly a LACK of green eggs in the bunch! Hmmmmmm