Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Walk 2011

After we were all seriously stuffed with yummy dinner, we sat on the floor and read a new book: Easter Walk - A Treasure Hunt for the Real Meaning of Easter. In the book, the kids' go on a walk with their grandpa, where they read six scriptures and find six clues representing Easter.

We loved the book, and drove over to the temple so that we could go on our very own Easter walk there.

Clue 1- Mark 15:17 Something Pointed and Sharp (to represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus' head)

This plant had spikes on it. Adam even demonstrated for us that they are, in fact, painful. Silly boy.

Clue 2- John 19:17-18 Something Made of Wood (to represent the cross)

Wood chips. Because I like to caption the obvious.

Clue 3- Luke 23:46 Something Dead (to represent the Savior's death)

The kids' found a dead grasshopper, that turned out to be not-so-dead a few minutes later upon poking it...

... after completely freaking out, they went with a dead leaf instead

Clue 4- 3 Nephi 8:23 Something Dark (to represent the darkness in the Americas)

The center of the flowers are black

Clue 5- Mark 15:46 Something Hard (to represent the stone closing the tomb)

They chose... a rock.

Clue 6- Matthew 28:5-6 Something Alive (to represent that He lives)

Grace chose flowers...

.. and Adam chose himself. Cheater.

The Las Vegas temple is on a hill, surrounded by green grass. I wouldn't let the little punks roll down the hill like they wanted to; however, once were outside of the temple, the grass still was slanted a little, so I let them roll down that. I figured it wasn't as terrible, being outside of the gates and all. ;)

We all LOVED the Easter walk! I am so excited to do this every year. I think it will mean even more as the kids' grow up, and I loved having a fun activity to do that they loved, that still kept us focused on the reason for Easter.

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