Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dinosaurs & Kabobs (Spring Break Day #3)

Mike had the day off of work today, so he woke up early and made us whole wheat blender waffles.

He also broke my blender.

I still love him, though.

After cleaning up, and getting rid of the blender (sniff!), we packed a picnic lunch and headed across town to the dinosaur park!

The kids have BEGGED to go back since we went last year! We had a really fun time digging, sliding, eating lunch, and trying to catch turtles.

That night, Mike let me off the hook for dinner and put together kabobs with the kids. They made our usual chicken-pineapple-red onion-bell pepper kabobs, and then added some grapes for fun.

Grilled grapes are no bueno, by the way.

They always have a blast grilling with Mike, though, so it was all good. We played for the rest of the evening outside, while Mike went to Scouts. A really fun day.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm kinda totally hearting spring break.

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Danielle said...

The hoagie sandwich that Adam is holding looks so yummy! It looks like you guys had a fun time. Libby and Keagan saw the posts and said "See we need to go there. It is so much fun". It has been forever for us.