Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting Rooms and Ward Parties

Grace went to the urgent care on Sunday, I went to the ENT on Tuesday, and yesterday Adam went to the dermatologist. My poor kids have pretty much lived in waiting rooms this week. And probably picked up a whole slew of germs from them.

So, Adam has 3 warts on his hands that have been there for awhile. They didn't bother him, and they didn't bother me, so we left them alone. Getting closer to school, though, I realized I didn't want him teased or anything (you know kids), so at his 5-year check, we asked his doctor to remove them.

He said he couldn't because they were too close to the nail, so he sent us to a dermatologist. I've never had a wart removed, but when I worked at a pediatrician's office, she used to just freeze them off. I thought it would be a quick procedure, you know?

His dermatologist doesn't like the freezing thing, though, so he put some "extract of bark beetle" on it (so not kidding), that hopefully will take care of it after 4-6 applications, each which require a follow-up appointment to make sure it's going okay. And if it doesn't work, he'll try something else. What?!? I love Adam, but the appointment yesterday took 2 hours (with the waiting and all), and all those specialist co-pays add up. It sounds like a bit much for something as non-life threatening as warts. I'm thinking of just going out and buying the Dr. Scholl's wart remover tonight.

Anyway, we hurried home from the doctor's office to throw this cake together and take it to our ward party. I just love our ward (have I mentioned that already?). Last night we had a Court of Honor/Ward Potluck. It was fun to get to see everyone mid-week and celebrate the boys' accomplishments. They earned a ton of merit badges! This month, we're going to have a ward talent show, which should be SO much fun. Can't wait for that.

Adam really, really wants to perform for it. But, we'll see have to see. :)

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