Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Girl!

We had a WONDERFUL time celebrating Grace's 2nd birthday today! She has been waiting and waiting for this, as the presents piled up in my bedroom, and we talked about how old she'd be, and what kind of cake she would have... and finally her birthday came!

Mike went in and got her today, and sang, "Happy Birthday" to her. You could've heard her squeal a mile away! She was SO excited that it was finally here!

Unfortunately, Mike had to work, so we didn't get to celebrate until tonight. But, we had fun today playing and blowing up balloons and doing laundry and cleaning. Well, the playing and balloons were fun, anyways. :) The rest was just a necessity. And, she was obviously upset about having to wait. So hard being 2!

When Mike got home, we had her favorite dinner (or, at least, she likes it a lot... not sure if she has a favorite): Creamy Italian Chicken. She chanted, "Yum! Yum!" between every bite, making me feel like the best chef in the world.

After dinner, we opened presents. She got:

- her birthday dress, tights, and new church shoes from us

- dress-up shoes, play food, and play pots/pans from my parents and Kaity (Kaity gave her some stickers, a fun pen, and a birthday pin, too)

- a snap-on dress up doll from Mike's parents

- a doll, blanets, and a pink bunny from Great Granny

- $20 from Nano

She freaked out opening every single present. She squealed and laughed and gasped every time. She's so over-dramatic and so much fun!

She is absolutely obsessed with Nemo... she'd watch it every day, if I'd let her. Adam also was obsessed with Nemo when he was 2 and I made him a Nemo cake then. I repeated the same for her (knew I kept the pan around for something). She LOVED it!

Happy Birthday, sweet Grace! Hope all your wishes come true this year! (And that my wish, of the terrible two's not hitting too hard, comes true, too. :) )

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Casey and Brynn said...

That cake looks amazing! I can't believe she is 2..she looks older to me! What a fun day!