Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Even More Totally Bummed!!!

So, I went into the ENT (who happens to look like Conan O'Brien's twin, I swear, except he wasn't funny, which was kind of a bummer) today for some ear problems I've been having (my ear just hasn't been the same since I had a bad ear infection 2 years ago). The doctor told me that I have some scarring issues on my Eustachian tube, and there wasn't much I could do about it. Bummer.

And then, remember my post last year about the lump on my cheek that I was worried was a tumor? My doctor last year said it was because I was grinding my teeth. Remember? Well, the ENT told me today when he looked at it, that that was impossible, and that he thinks it is a benign tumor. Lame! Especially because last year I would've only had to pay $100 for the CT scan I have to get, and now because our insurance changed, I have to pay 30%. Plus, now it's had a year to grow, which just can't be a good thing. I also am really not fond of confined spaces, and I'm thinking a CT scan would be no fun.

Oh, well.

This week is not looking good, my friends: no Christmas, Grace's illness-thing, and now a possible Parotid gland tumor?

This week had better start getting better.

Now! :)

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