Monday, August 25, 2008

"They Did Not Doubt"

I was seriously fine with the thought of Adam going starting school tomorrow. Everyone kept saying to me, "You're going to cry," but I just laughed this off. Not that I'm not going to miss him (I will), but I'm excited for him to begin school. For him to meet so many new friends and have new experiences and have fun and to learn. And... he's only going to be gone 3.25 hours a day, 4 days a week. It really didn't seem HUGE, you know? Next year when he'll be gone 8 hours a day, THAT'S when it will be hard. I was fine with it now, though.

Or, rather, I was completely fine until Sunday School yesterday.

We had our lesson on the stripling warriors. How their mothers taught them everything that they needed to know. How much faith they had because of their mothers. How that's why they were successful in the battles. THEN, I broke down. Like, crying-in-the-middle-of- class-and-everyone-thinks-I'm-strange-because-it's-NOT-a-

I just couldn't stop thinking, "Have I taught him everything he needs to know to go out to 'battle'?" The world can be so scary, and he's going to face things he's never had to before. I know this sounds over-dramatic, but even when I was in kindergarten I remember kids doing/saying things that I had never seen/heard before. And the world is an even different place now. He's always been so protected at home... we've monitored everything he's seen/heard/said... and it's not going to be that way anymore. The world is going to begin to influence him, too. I know he's only going to be gone three hours a day... but, still, is he ready?

He is an amazing boy with an amazing testimony. He's such an example to me. I want to be more like the mothers of the stripling warriors, though... I don't want him or Grace to doubt. Someday, when they really DO have to face a battle in the world, I want them to be prepared.

Yeah, I think I'm going to cry tomorrow. Darn! :)

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Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

You and Michael are the best parents! I was so very, very touched, and "well Pleased" when I was there and was able to see how you do for them, teach them! The best part was when you read the Book of Mormon with them. He has been taught to pray and listen to the Holy Ghost by you two and your example. Uh, by the way, is it bad when Grammy cries, too?