Friday, August 1, 2008

Cicadas (aka My Kinda Bug)

So, we've had the loudest buzzing in our trees for weeks now. Can't believe how loud it's been. Today, when we went to drop off the rent, we saw holes in the ground, and I realized that the cicadas must have emerged!

We went on a little walk, and found a bunch of the empty cicada shells. We gathered some (do you like our extremely scientific instruments?) and brought them home to look at. It's been fun reading about these cool little bugs. Adam loves the video of watching them molt, too.

Normally, I'm pretty squeamish around bugs, but I can handle cicadas. They burrow under the ground as eggs, come out after 2-17 years (depending on the type), go to the tree, shed their skin and leave. They don't harm plants or humans. And I've never seen one alive, just heard them and seen their empty shells.

Now that's my kinda bug.

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