Sunday, August 24, 2008

Craft Opinions?

So, I'm in charge of putting our Super Saturday together. I've been researching some options, and these are my final choices, and then we'll narrow it down from here. So, before I go to the RS Presidency with my ideas... what do you guys think? Good/bad? Would you do ANY of these or have any suggestions? We're going to do a service project of some sorts, too, as well as a few crafts that the RS President has in mind.

I know that there is a lot of wood things, but I was trying to keep it under $5, and everything else seemed so expensive... and several families in our ward have wood for free/can cut the wood. So, they're an inexpensive option.

Anyone else have any ideas?

- Testimony Blocks (5.5" x 5.5") ($3.00)

- "Look What _ Made" magnets ($2.00)

- Holiday Outlet Covers (possibly other holidays, too) ($.50)

- Scrabble Pendants ($1.00-$2.00... depending on how many people sign up)

- Valentine's (or possibly a different holiday) Stackers ($4.00)

All the vinyl projects are from Deidre at Wall Frenzee.


Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said... picked such good things. You know, I am an old lady, and I normally don't like too much "stuff" around, but these... I would pick just about all of them to do. Great job!!!

Danyel said...

All really cute ideas. Mabey you could also incude a photo book of some sort or how to put together a scrapbook page? Hope you have fun.

the W* family said...

Thanks! A mini scrapbook is one of the things that the RS President wants to do, because it would be completely free. She's organizing that one, though.

Shoni said...

I LOVE the Testimony, and the Look what___ made