Friday, February 17, 2012

Randomness of February

Mike hasn't had his most favorite Girl Scout cookie in a few years (Samoas).  So, I made him a bar version. They were yummy!

The three different ways that the like their PB&Hs.  Grace, with no crusts.  Josh, with 4 pieces.  Adam, with 2 pieces.  They eat these for breakfast AND lunch almost every day (so does Mike), so we go through a lot of peanut butter and bread around here.

We tried watching the Superbowl.  Mike doesn't have time to watch very many sports, so he looks forward to it each year.  Unfortunately, the converter box broke.  Then, our "extra" TV got knocked off the table by Josh and broke.  We decided the Superbowl wasn't meant to be.

The food was still yummy. 

Grace loves being lifted onto the bathroom counter each morning, so she can check to make sure she looks 'just right' before heading to school.

Adam, Grace, and I went to see a girl in our Primary (and Adam's friend), Julianna, perform in Mulan.  It was adorable!

Adam chipped his tooth.  Again.  So, we went back to the dentist to have it re-covered.  She wants us to get a crown from a general dentist.  We're thinking about it.

Grace is learning how to paint her own toenails.

Grace went to a birthday party at a roller skating rink.  Her first time roller skating ever.  Her "bum was very sore afterward from all of the falling," she told us.

Grace, my very non-girly girl, who used to be very no fuss about her hair, has been requesting I try new things with it.  It's been fun experimenting!


kedwards said...

Joss is letting me do some fun things with her hair now too. I think it is so much fun!

Danielle said...

Love it all!!