Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

Adam participated in his very first Pinewood Derby today and had soooo much fun!

The race was supposed to be in January, but the track broke, so it was delayed for about a month.  These boys were SO excited to (finally) get racing!

In our entire pack (which is a combination of 2 wards), there are only 4 boys.

Needless to say, the official race was over pretty quickly.

So, they raced for fun (with many different variables... backward, upside down, etc.) for the remaining 50 minutes.

The car catchers

Mike, happy to be racing.  Me, happy that it is over!  ;)

Adam ended up winning First Place!  Wahoo!

As fun as the race was, I think the real fun was in making the cars.  Adam made one with Mike, and one with my Dad and Mike, and then raced them to see which was faster.  He had soooo much fun making those cars and spending time with his Dad and Papa!

(Oh, yeah, the brown mark on his forehead?  He decided to "Harry Potter" himself this afternoon, in non-washable marker.  Lovely, huh?)


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