Monday, February 20, 2012

W* Family Picnic

I like to trick myself into thinking that spending time with our Phoenix family isn't that great.

Which sounds weird and mean.

Not to mention it's not true at all.

They really are all incredibly great.

It's jut that if I let myself remember stuff like this:

... how much my kids adore their cousins...

... how cute my nieces and nephews are...

... how fun my in-laws are to be around...

.... how nice it is to talk and laugh with them...

.... and how great it is for my kids (and me!) to spend time with family...

... I get filled with Mom-guilt because my kids don't get to be around family all that often and I know how happy/how good it would be for them if we got to spend more time with our Phoenix family.

Not to mention all of the 10 kinds of sadness I get when I think about living away from family.

So, I trick myself.

It's a very complicated coping mechanism.

It's also very weird/mean, I know.


So, even if it will make me feel sad to admit it...

We had a really fun day at the park on Monday with (some) of Mike's side of the family.  We had a fun picnic, played on the playground, and then Mike took some of our nieces/nephews to play softball with, which led to everyone heading down for a game.

We had so much fun!

Really truly!

Even if I will probably tell myself that it wasn't that fun later on down the road, I have it documented here how grateful I am for our family and how much we really do love and miss them.