Saturday, February 4, 2012

Visit to... Red Rock Canyon

Mike had today off of work, and the kids didn't have anything scheduled, so we spent the day at Red Rock Canyon hiking, picnic-ing, and exploring!

It's one of those places that I have wanted to visit for forever. It just seemed like either it was too hot, too cold, we had previous plans, etc.

After visiting, it's yet another place that I'm kicking myself for not forcing us to go to before.  We had SO much fun there!

Also, it is only 45 minutes from our house. I'm pretty sure everything cool (the lake, the forest, the canyon, Dinosaur park, etc. is 45 minutes from our home). ;)

We started with some educational stuff. Each year, people from all over the world guess when Mohave Max (the resident desert tortoise) will emerge from his burrow each spring. The child (from Clark County, NV) who gets closest, wins a bunch of fun prizes for school/child. Adam and Grace were pretty serious about guessing the right date.

There is a lot of neat desert stuff to learn.

And pictures to take of being jackrabbits, too.

After we were all done learning (it was a Saturday after all), we had our picnic and went on a hike.

We chose the "Lost Creek - Children's Discovery Trail."

It was just over a mile, easy enough for Josh to do on his own (but still was difficult enough so Adam wasn't bored), had a waterfall and real petroglyphs.

Josh, who is my insane climber, was in HEAVEN scaling up all the rocks.  He did awesome!

The "waterfall"... I guess it's much more impressive when the snow starts melting.

    Can you spot the petroglyphs?  I would give a quarter to the first one to spot them, but my thieving children raided the dryer this morning.

We had so much fun looking at the beautiful red rocks and hiking.  The weather was perfect, too!  The kids can't wait to go back and try another trail.

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I am so glad you updated;) love all the pictures