Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekends at the Park

Last year, we would spend Saturdays cleaning the house, shopping at the store, and (trying) not to work until Monday.

There was no school on Mondays, and Mike was off on Mondays, so it made sense to work on Saturday, and have fun on Monday.

A few weekends in this year, we were doing the same thing.  But, I realized that since the kids now have school on Mondays, that it was kind of terrible for them to spend their entire weekend doing work.  

So, I forgo-ed a clean house and a full fridge.

Who needs those, right?

We do a little bit of tidy-ing in the morning, pack a picnic, and then find a new park.

If we really like the park, we go back Sunday evening with Mike.  Because the other problem with him working Saturdays (and late during the week), and the kids going to school 5 days a week, was that they were not getting to spend time with him.  Sunday evenings at the park have become something we look forward to (especially because after morning church and a quiet afternoon, with all of us crammed in the living room while Josh naps, has us all wanting to strangle each other).

Strangling on the Sabbath, is a no-no.


We recently found a park in Henderson that we L-O-V-E.  

I mean, it has a climbing contraption that spins:

How awesome-ly dangerous, right?

Even toddlers have to take a turn pushing:

We have had so much fun finding new parks and spending time as a family in the beautiful weather!

Especially because pretty soon it will be too hot to play on dangerous metal objects at the playground.


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