Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Increase the Love Around Here, Man!

We had a nice lesson for FHE all about love: how we should show love for each other like the Savior loves us.

There has been a lot of fighting going around lately, and I am so stinkin' tired of it!

I've been quoting Shawna from 71 toes a lot lately by telling them, "You guys are going to be together for forever.  You had better be nice and you might as well be best friends while you're at it."

They weren't buying it.

So, I thought I would try a different approach.

As a part of FHE, we all decorated mailboxes, and I left a stack of heart notepads next to them.  The idea was for us all to write things we loved about each other on them, put them in the mailboxes, and increase the love around here, man!

The notes were sweet.  Lots of "I love you's".  Lots of noticing the little things about each other.  The fighting slowed down.

It worked for most everyone.

Adam's notes, however, were more like, well, backhanded compliments.

My two favorites:

"I love you because you made a dinner I actually liked for once."

"I love you because you didn't keep me up with your snoring last night."

Hopefully he can refine his "I love you" technique before he becomes interested in girls...

.... when he's 21, of course.


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Danielle said...

Haha he cracks me up!!