Monday, February 20, 2012

Good-bye, Elder Nathan Rice (Part 2)

After the picnic with the W* family, we went back to my parent's house, to officially say good-bye.

This was the part that had me really, truly worried.  

Because my kids, especially Grace, kinda adore Uncle Nate.

Which is kind of funny, really.  

When Adam was born, my family (and Mike's family) came down in anticipation of seeing him.  They crowded around when Mike brought him out of the nursery.  Oooh-ed and aaah-ed at his ten perfect tiny toes.

Nate, however, stayed in the lobby, watching cartoons.  

For whatever reason, he wasn't fond of having a nephew.  And over the next 3 years, had no problem admitting so.  He refused to go near baby Adam and fought with toddler Adam.

Then Grace was born.

And my Grinch-y baby brother's heart grew 2 sizes when she came into the family.  He warmed up to her, and Adam (and adored Josh from the start).  Before he knew it, he was wrapped around their little fingers.

Which is a good thing, because they absolutely idolize the boy.  He is Grace's "very best buddy" and Adam thinks he is the coolest person ever.

Which makes me thrilled, because, well, I can't think of a better person for them to have as a role model.  My baby brother grew into a great person, that I am so proud of.

Anyways, we love Uncle Nate and I was worried about Grace and Adam having to say good-bye.


At my parent's house, they finalized Adam's Pinewood Derby car:

Did some more playing:

Josh took a ride on my parent's horse/dog:


We got one last family picture with our missionary:

And Grace got a few more of the throws in the air, that Nate gives her, that she absolutely loves:

Then we said good-bye.

And when Grace leaned out her window as we pulled away and shouted, "Best buddies... forever" and Nate yelled, "Best buddies... forever" back, I cried.

I think I'm really going to miss that pesky little small fry. 

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