Sunday, September 25, 2011

Traveling Treats

Mike is leaving town for a week to attend The D.I. Academy.

Good gravy, I feel like making fun of that name.

But, I won't.

Anyways, the kids were completely upset about him being gone, so we decided to get him 6 of his favorite treats, wrap them, and hide them in his suitcase as a surprise. They had soooo much fun picking them out at the store.

While I watched the Relief Society broadcast, and Mike was out with Grace and Josh, I asked Adam to wrap them.

He brought them to me when he was done, and completely surprised me with writing a note on each one:

Reese’s Pieces: We love you to pieces!

Rice Krispies treat: We will miss you making us cheese krispies!

Star Crunch: You are like a star shining brightly! Shining for all of Utah to see!

Nutty Bars: Chocolito! Here is some peanut butter nut crunch goodness!

Cashews: We love you to pieces, and we love your cheese krispies, but most of all we love when you share with us. So save some nuts for us!

Beef Jerky: You are not jerky!

He cracks me up.

He really may have a future in the Hallmark cards business... who wouldn't want a card with "Chocolito!" on it.

I also convinced them that Mike hates when I decorate for holidays early (he really doesn't), and they are giddy with decorating for Halloween early while he's gone.

I love that doing something for him (and also doing something "naughty"), has made them feel better about him leaving.

(By the way, Mike and I won't get to talk much, and he won't have Internet access. So, this week I'm documenting it for him. You have been warned).

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