Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Since You've Been Gone: Wednesday

Josh woke up this morning, and ran into our room, while I was getting dressed.

He said, "Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?" as he looked for you.

I felt so sad for him; I think it's the hardest on him, because he just doesn't understand.

I told him you weren't here.

He said, "Daddy work?

(Which is his first ever 2 word sentence!!!).

And I said, "Yes. Well, kind of."


This morning, while I was feeding the kids, I decided I couldn't handle the kitchen curtains anymore.

They were covered in food stains and marker before you left, and it's just gotten worse with Josh's craziness this week.

So, I called the dry cleaner, who told me it would be around $20 to have them cleaned.

I decided to get a replacement set, and found these $5 ones:

They are washable.

And now I am no longer angry/grossed out every time we sit down to eat.

Totally worth it, right?



Grace wrote the numbers 1-10 perfectly for her homework today.

She screamed with excitement over each one... she was SO proud of herself!

(Well, except for the "5". Somehow, it always ends up looking like a "z".)


This morning I made dinner for my friend, Jessica, who just had a baby.

And while I was cooking, Josh decided to go ahead and squeeze out another tube of toothpaste.

Colgate should be very happy with our family this week.

He also discovered my M&M stash in my purse, that I occasionally use when I'm shopping. You know, when he is crazy and insisting on climbing out of the cart.


This afternoon, Josh and I brought lunch to a new sister in our ward who just had surgery and couldn't go grocery shopping.

I'm so grateful for the chance I got to serve 2 people today.

While Josh slept, I took the gross kitchen curtains, cut off the gross parts, sewed them together, and made a new long curtain for the living room.

Pretty thrifty, huh?

(You'll hang them for me when you get back, right?)


Adam and Grace both had a great day at school.

After school we went to the library, where I got into trouble for Josh not wearing shoes.

Yeah, his shoes are missing.

I didn't think it was a big deal for him to sit in the chair and do a few puzzles with me and Grace while Adam looked for books, without shoes on.

Apparently, it's a VERY big deal.

We checked out 18 books and 2 movies.

Which completely violates our 3-books-a-person rule.

I was the rule-breaker; there are just too many fun books I want to read to the kids.


We came home, heated up the dinner, and brought it over to Jessica.

Her baby is darling.

She made me really want another girl to dress up and love.

But, please, don't get any ideas.

Our car only seats 5.


I was done with cooking for the day, so we had frozen pizza for dinner.

We ate it on the bed (with 5 clean loads of laundry to fold), while watching Phineas & Ferb.

It was a lot of fun.


Tonight after Grace's bath, I was combing her hair, when Josh came out covered in more toothpaste.

Good gravy, I don't even know how he is reaching this stuff.

You are welcome, Colgate!


The kids think it is completely unfair that you left Sunday, will get back late Friday night, and have to work all day Saturday.

They really want to go down to D.I. and talk to your boss, and throw some puppy dog eyes his way.

I'm trying to convince them it's not the best plan, but if Josh squeezes out any more toothpaste, I will probably lead them in the march down there.

I need a day off from cleaning up blue, minty stuff.


We miss you!

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Jess'n'John said...

Allison you are so sweet and your dinner was wonderful!! Thank you so much.
p.s. we have more than a year supply of toothpaste that will likely become expired before it's all used up, so if you want some come on over. It's Crest though, not Colgate. :-) love you!
p.p.s. you can come over and dress my baby anytime. We only have 1 car with 5 seats too, so I totally get the 'don't get any ideas' thing. :-)