Thursday, September 29, 2011

Since You've Been Gone: Thursday

You know how before you left, I begged you to install child-locks on the bathroom cupboards?

And you didn't?

THIS is why I wanted you to:

Yeah, that's more toothpaste.

Yeah, he's cleaning up using a washcloth and his foot (wonder where he got that from?).

Yeah, I'm crabby. Josh was up until 2:00am last night:


Yeah, we miss you.

A lot.


Grammy Suzzy said...

I think I am going to purchase some Colgate stock. Even with our losing ways, sounds like a sure thing when Daddy is gone. And...that sweet, cute, adorable little face...How can you resist that!

Danielle said...

love your pumpkins in the back. I still need to make more of those. and at least Colgate is staying in business because of Josh! You are just doing your part to help the economy:>