Friday, September 2, 2011

First Week Done.

Grace's first homework assignment: a scrapbook page all about her

Our first week of school is over.


Longest. Week. Ever.

Monday went well.

Tuesday, was Grace's birthday.

Wednesday, Adam dropped a can of trash on his head, prompting every one to laugh at him. And for him to have "the worst day ever." (He later admitted that it would be kinda funny seeing someone drop a can of trash on their head.)

Thursday, Grace had 2 accidents at school. Because, she was too afraid to ask her teacher to use the restroom.

Friday, it all went well.

So we went to happy hour at Sonic.


I'm sooo not used to the kids going to school 5 days a week.

Nor am I used to driving back/forth to school 3 times a day.

Add in the extra cupcake runs and dry clothes runs to/from the school...

... and I am extremely, insanely glad for a 3-day weekend.

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Danielle said...

again love it, although I know you were probably going crazy and frazzled by the end of the week:>