Friday, September 30, 2011

He's Home!

We picked Mike up this evening from the airport.

Being that I'm kind of a production kinda girl, we made a big sign.

(Yeah, he was only gone 6 days. Lots and lots of husbands are gone much longer. Can you even imagine what we would have done then?!?).

They all worked hard on it after school, until it was time to go.

We figured out where to park, got Josh's stroller and walked in.

Well, Josh and I walked, anyways.

These two decided to ride into the baggage area in style.

We waited a little while with our sign, and then we spotted him.

I wish that technology was advanced enough to capture the pure joy on Josh's face when he saw Mike and ran to him.

He (finally) had his Daddy back.

And hopefully when Mike leaves on a campout this next weekend with the Scouts or when he travels to Phoenix, Josh will be a little more understanding that Daddy will come home...

... and not squeeze out so much toothpaste.

(Or maybe Mike could just install those new child locks. The ones Josh hasn't figured out how to open yet. Right?).


Grammy Suzzy said...

Let us know when Mike goes away again...we will send toothpaste...lots and lots of it. So very, very glad he's home safe. I really can just imagine how Joshy felt. I miss your Dad when he's gone overnight...and I haven't even thought about the "toothpaste" thing...gonna try that!

Danielle said...

so glad he is back I know how happy you all must be:> It is now fun having the hubby gone