Sunday, September 4, 2011

Not Reverent

Today, Mike stayed home from church.
Because he is unable to walk.
(A bunkbed was dropped on his foot yesterday at work. It is swollen and gross looking).
I was 5 minutes late.
The only seats available were in the very front row.
Josh made it his personal mission to try to throw crayons
at those who were bearing their testimonies.

I'm very sorry.


Grammy Suzzy said...

I know YOU may find this just awful...but I am smiling at the thought of that adorable boy doing what he loves to do (throwing), with the people he loves most (his sweet family) in the place he should be. Thank you for enduring to the end!

And, don't feel alone. Not too long ago, a Grammy sat in Sacrament, using her many colored pencils to mark certain scriptural words, when a cute boy named Max...about Joshy's age...admired her pencils, so she let him pick one. He proceeded to take many...and hurl them innocent worshippers. I grabbed, with a sweet smile on my face, Papa hid pencils, and Nate - well, he just sat and laughed. You truly have a very typical boy.

And so very sorry about Mike!!!

Danielle said...

love it and the picture of Josh aiming and pegging people with crayons brings a happy smile to my face. Your kids crazy me up..

Oh yeah did you know your friend here misses you?