Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Since You've Been Gone: Tuesday

We all woke up happier today, having gotten a much better nights sleep.

Except for Josh.

He woke up a huge grump, and didn't stop.

After getting Adam to school, we went to Sunflower Market.

In our pajamas.

Because it's just how we roll.

Josh needed more almond milk.

Somehow, a container of sundried tomato hummus made its way into the shopping cart.


I'm sure it will somehow make its way next to me on the couch tonight while I watch Glee.



After we got back, Josh was a terror.

He squeezed out a tube of toothpaste, a bottle of gel, scribbled on the table/wall with a crayon, threw the leftover baked potatoes, dumped out the laundry, threw his sippy cup and shoes at Grace, dumped out the trash can twice, and destroyed Grace's organized hair clips.

And it's not like I wasn't watching him; I was. He was just making another huge mess while I cleaned up one mess, and kept on going.

He gets destructive when he is tired, but, wow. I've never seen him that destructive.

I think he misses you.


I did a spelling test with Grace. She spelled "yellow" like this:


And "here" like this:


She can read all 10 of the words by sight, but insists on making "patterns" when she spells them.

We're going to need to work on those.



Josh took a nap while Grace was at school, and I put up a few Halloween decorations, cleaned, and made dinner.

He woke up soooo much happier.


We picked the kids up from school, where I learned that Adam sold his graham crackers at lunch for $.25.

I didn't know what to say to that.

Is it smart... could he own his own graham cracker business someday?

Or is it just rude?


We went to wrestling and gymnastics, where Josh was an absolute angel for the first time ever.

He is usually crazy there, as you know.

The foam pit is just so crazy tempting.

Grace walked perfectly on the balance beam, looking ahead (not down), the entire way.

Adam worked really hard at wrestling.

On the way home, I made the mistake of driving by D.I.

Josh noticed, and began screaming, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

And wouldn't stop.

Seriously heart-breaking.


Tonight, we had Mexican haystacks, cleaned the house, and did Adam's homework.

We did the whole bedtime routine.

And then you called and talked to each of them for a minute.

You couldn't see it, but Josh grinned the entire time you talked to him.


We miss you!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Just precious! I know he's a very active and bright little Joshy, and you must go crazy trying to keep up, but someday...many years from now, you will remember that fit he threw by D.I. and that smile when Daddy talked to him...and you'll forget the toothpaste tube and the toppled trashcan. HOoray for Gracie on the balance beam...that's my favorite! And, btw...I LOVE the candy corn garland on the mantle...sooooo cute...and I am soooo jealous (but not enough to even try to make one. If I get my 2x4 mummies made this yr. I will consider myself a success.) As of now, you guys are surely halfway there. (I used to count the hours dad would be gone and mark the halfway point. Second half ALWAYS went better!) Love you! W