Thursday, October 6, 2011

Soup Day!

Over the summer I read a book titled 3 Steps to a Strong Family by Richard and Linda Eyre. Actually, I read a lot of books by them this summer because they. are. awesome. Anyways, the book talks about establishing family traditions, and how important it is in bringing a family closer together.

It made me think of our own family traditions; most of ours are centered around holidays. Which is great. I love that. But, I thought we were kind of lacking in the everyday traditions. I made a list of possible family traditions that we could start.

One of those I thought of was having a "Soup Day" the first day after summer that the weather dropped below 70 degrees.

That day happened to be today... it was 66 degrees here, to be exact.

Soup Day!

We made Tastes Like Lasagna Soup that I've been drooling over on Pinterest.

It was really, really good.

If you like Italian food at all, and can convince your husband that soup is in fact a dinner, I highly recommend it. We all loved it!

(Changes I made: I didn't add bell pepper, decreased the brown sugar, and just made homemade garlic bread on the side instead of the crostini on top).

I also added a scoop of ricotta cheese to the bottom of the bowl, like recommended.

Because I love it.

Like, a lot.

Don't worry; Mike knows about my love.

An extra side benefit was that the kids were so excited about today being declared Soup Day! that they ate the soup without complaint.

(Could I declare a Bean Day and get them to eat beans?)

After months of salads, sandwiches, and simple meals, it was fun to have soup again!

This is totally cheesy, but sometimes when we do these things, I think ahead to the future. Like, someday when our kids are grown and married, we can have a big Soup Day, and everyone can bring over a pot of soup to share on the first "cold" day after summer.

Sooo cheesy, right? But wouldn't that be fun?

Love traditions! What are some of your favorite everyday traditions?

I need to add to my list...


Danielle said...

I love this idea! As always Allison you inspre me with fantastic ideas. We love soup for dinner when it is cold. So yummy! Also you're on pintrest. It's under blissful and domestic. I think your mom pinned you. You're like a celebrity;) hey will we be seeing you this weekend?

More News at the Funny Farm said...

In October we make a soup that I call monster soup - mostly just adding beans, (kidney, black, garbanzo,or pork-n-beans etc)corn, leftovers, black olives, tomatoes - stewed or diced and pasta - anything. I start with tomato juice and chicken broth then add all the stuff and we call them monster parts - heart, guts, toes, eyes, ears, fingers, teeth, anything you can think of. I add pork-n-beans, tomato paste to kind of thicken it. I do the pasta raw and let it bowl and it thickens it too. When they add everything they are more willing to eat it. You can sprinkle cheese on top - cheddar, mozzarella, or Parmesan(from the can)and call them ground bones or something. We also sometimes crumble tortilla chips if it is more mexican style - or bread if italiany - its mish mash monster soup!
Aunt Sharynn

More News at the Funny Farm said...

I make a monster soup in October. I take tomato juice and chicken broth. I add anything - beans that are on hand like -kidney, black, garbanzo, and pork-n-beans(good thickener). Then I add veggies like corn, tomatoes(stewed or diced), and anything that goes into soups. I add pasta(raw after boiling) and especially black olives. I give everything a body part name and we call it mish mash monster soup - and we make it an italian or mexican by the seasons we add. Cheeses are good on top (cheddar, mozatrella, or parmesan(canned)) or we have bread with it or tortilla chips - it never turns out the same but the kids love it. Hopefully that is another October soup.
Aunt Sharynn