Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grace's 5-Year Interview

I WANT: a real-live pony!
I HAVE: Littlest Pet Shop toys.
I WISH: that my Littlest Pet Shop toys can be friends.
I HATE: Hawaiian haystacks.
I MISS: Grammy and Papa, and Grandma and Grandpa.
I HEAR: the Holy Ghost.
I WONDER: when we will go to Phoenix again!
I REGRET: not cleaning my room when Daddy asked.
I AM NOT: a boy!
I DANCE: in ballet class (but I'm not in ballet anymore). And when Kids Radio comes on!
I SING: my life is a gift... {"I Will Follow God's Plan for Me}
I CRY: when I get sent to "Bedroom Time."
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: snowmen with peanut butter play-dough.
I WRITE: my name. G-R-A-C-E.
I CONFUSE: when I need to come in and go to bed.
I NEED: chocolate cake!
I SHOULD: say sorry.

How old are you? 5
Nicknames: Gracie
Are you taller than your mother? No!
Do you cry often during movies? No
What is your biggest pet peeve? Flies trying to get me and the answering machine beeping.
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite foods: Frosting, chocolate, strawberries, watermelon and cheeseburgers with extra pickles!
Favorite beverage: Cherry limeade
Favorite cold cereal: Rice Krispies with honey
Favorite smells: Flowers, cookies
Favorite time of day: Afternoon
What is your favorite game? Uno
How many pillows do you sleep with? 1
Do you play an instrument? No!
What was the last movie you saw? Dora's Halloween
What is your favorite article of clothing? The dresses you {Mommy} makes!
What is your dream vacation? Phoenix, Arizona
What do you love most about Dad? That he takes me on dates!
What do you love most about Mom? That she kisses me!
What is your favorite "me- time" activity? Playing with babies and Littlest Pet Shop.
What is one of your weaknesses? Bowling
What is the emotion you feel the most? Happy!
What are some of your talents? Making Joshy happy, gymnastics, singing
What is a word or phrase you overuse? Hot meatballs!
What was the hardest thing that happened to you this past year? My "owie" day.
What is the best thing that happened to you this year? Being in a ballet recital.
The best thing learned this past year? How to be special!
What was your favorite thing about being four years old? Going to school!
What are you most excited about being five years old? Going to school!

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Grammy Suzzy said... ARE special! We love you. Nathan is sad, only mentioned Grandma, Grampa, Grammy and Papa...He thought that HE was your favorite!