Saturday, July 12, 2008

Long, LONG Week and Happiness!

This week has just been so, so long. Most of it having to do with Mike's job. The week begins on a Saturday at his work. So, because he had last Saturday off, he had to work Monday through Saturday this week. Six days in a row means he's tired, I'm tired, and the kids miss their dad! PLUS, he just got 'salaried' without the raise (which I'm not even going to go into), so now he gets to work even longer hours. With no overtime.

Sigh... everyone told us that the first few years of having a 'real' job were no fun. I just have to keep telling myself that at least we have one year down. AND I'm so thankful that we live closer to his job, because if we didn't, now we'd REALLY never see him. :)

And, I had fun plans this week to go to the park with some friends and a baby shower, but my car has running on the 'hot' side, which is to be expected with this seriously hot weather, but I can't really have it overheating, either. So, I've been stuck at home until Mike can take a look at it.

And did I mention it's seriously hot so we've been avoiding the outdoors?

Long, long week.

Anyway, last night I had just had it. Mike had to work 2 hours late, and Adam was cranky, and Grace is getting a cold, and while I was making dinner she dumped out a HUGE bottle of bubble solution on the carpet (I don't even know how she found it), and to top it off, in Arizona they're getting monsoons and we are not! Which really is not something I would normally cry about, but last night when Mike came in, I was. Crying about not having a monsoon. Which is really dumb, I know. But, it had been a long week, alright?

And then, a few hours later...

We had a storm! Wind and lightning and thunder and RAIN! My monsoon came! I was so excited that I woke up Adam and Grace to come play in it with me. At midnight. Well, Grace woke up and played, but Adam wanted to sleep. Whatever. But, it was so, so, SO much fun. [Note: if you can't tell, these are my middle-of-the-night rain pictures... notice the puddle behind Grace.]

Today I am feeling much better because I got my rain. And Mike has the day off tomorrow. And it's cloudy outside, which just makes me giddy. And there are some nice puddles perfect for stomping in after Grace's nap. Happiness!

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