Monday, July 14, 2008

5-Year Well-Check and Flash Card Fun!

First, a classic Grace glare:

Moving on... :) Adam's 5-year well-check was today, and he's doing GREAT! The doctor said that he looks awesome. I was a little concerned about his weight, because he's a big kid. However, he's in the 90th percentile for both weight and height, and the doctor said that was fine. As long as the numbers match up, he's healthy. He had to get one last vaccine before school, and he got it, no problem. Didn't even cry. He told me that it hurts more when Grace pulls his hair, and that he was surprised! He even begged us tonight to let us have another one (but I think that has more to do with the small toy he got as a reward, rather than the vaccine itself... I hope). He is so excited for school. He asks me daily how long it is until he starts (which isn't until August 26th), so we are going o make a paper chain to count down to school. Fun!

Different topic now. :)

I love flashcards. I've been using them with Adam since he was a baby to learn vocabulary, and then advanced on to phonics, addition, subtraction, etc. I love them and Adam loves them, but they can be a pain. Grace finds them and scatters and eats them. The boxes get ripped. It's hard to keep them in the right bags. Etc. Today, I was so psyched to see on Marie's blog a great idea for them. It's so simple, that I don't know why I didn't think of it. You just punch holes in the top of the cards, pop some book rings on, and use them as flip-cards! I picked up some flash cards tonight at the dollar store, along with the rings. They literally took 5 minutes to make (check out the instructions on her site... they are pretty self-explanatory, though). I am going to store a few in my purse, and I can pull them out to keep the kids occupied while we're in doctor's offices, waiting in line at the store, in the car, etc. Love it!

Well, we've had a busy, busy Monday... doctor's office, Mike doing car diagnostics, cleaning out the cars, going grocery shopping, FHE, etc. I'm wiped! Hope everyone had a great day!

[OH! BTW, on a recommendation from Mike's deacons, we rented Vantage Point and watched it tonight (after the kids were in bed). Very good.]


Grammy Gingerbread said...

What a great idea!! The internet is so great...the knowledge we can share is just awesome. So glad Adam is healthy and excited. That 5 year old shot is one of the hardest, and he came through with flying colors!!

Casey and Brynn said...

Can you believe you will have a child in Kindergarten?? Oh my goodness, time flies!

Kristi said...

I've seen where people took a stack of the cards and just used a drill to make the whole. Might be faster and less work than a hole punch